Recently, I’ve been reevaluating my choices regarding my fields of study and my career goals. It’s nothing too serious, but I need to decide whether I want to be more of a thinker or more of a creator in life. Toward the end of senior year in high school, I thought I wanted to double major in pure math and computer science, with a long term goal of going to law school to possibly work in patent law someday. This would have been a very thinking intensive path, with a lot of studying and work that would leave little time for creating.

However, as I’ve also recently delved a bit more into coding and actually started my own independent project, I realized that I really do enjoy making things, and that creating gives me much more satisfaction that just learning stuff and studying. As a result, I think I want to focus more on computer science and take the math a bit easier, with a minor or perhaps a degree in applied math and altogether dropping my prospects for law school. With a much lighter workload, this would not only be less stressful, it would also give me more time to work on little projects and my website.

This is all just talk, however, and of course everything is still tentative, but it sounds like a good change in my plan of action.