When I first created my website, at least part of my goal was to continue my blogging efforts from Tumblr on my own platform. Since the bygone era of high school, however, I just haven’t had that much to say. I don’t feel important enough and people don’t care enough for me to put much effort into typing out long-winded paragraphs and posting them online. Half the reason I’m writing this is to make my first and as of yet only post on the website look less lonely.

After coming to college, I’ve really realized how much our world depends on “the process”. As tour groups post up at Sather gate to snap new profile pictures or stare me down like a zebra in a safari as I eat lunch at Crossroads, I get to relive the process of getting accepted into college and the rapid transition to independence. As I finish off my second semester at Berkeley, I get to adapt and amend the process of studying and taking exams. Finally, as I eagerly anticipate this coming weekend, I get to once more experience the at once antagonistic yet also symbiotic relationship between productive work and relaxing procrastination. Yet though I recognize the greater insignificance of my life as it all boils down to these cyclical processes, I fail to feel any alarm. In my astronomy class last term when we discussed the beginning and eventual end of the universe, and again during the movie Interstellar, I was reminded of the abject meaninglessness of my mortal life. Yet still I continue with the routine of my quotidian existence, unaffected by the terrifying possibilities on a larger scale of existence.