My opinions on going to grad school have modulated in a roughly sinusoidal manner throughout my past 3 semesters at Berkeley, but I think for the next while it will stay rather stable. During discrete math last semester, I must have pulled one too many late nighters studying probability because one day while discussing grad school with some friends I half jokingly, half seriously said I would go to grad school with probability 0.4.

Funny or not, I quite like the idea of speaking about attending grad school or other big decisions in the future in terms of probabilities. It lets me avoid giving a strict yes or no answer that may or may not be accurate, but also lets me convey some sense of how likely I think I do decide to pursue a graduate degree. That being said, I want to state for the record that my CPGGS (Current Probability of Going to Grad School) is within .05 of 0.6, with a 95% confidence level.